Word Study


Your child will not be taking spelling tests.  My focus is to increase your child's ability to build words.  Each week your child will be given 7 high frequency words that will need to be memorized as they usually don't follow a pattern.  There will also be a spelling strategy for each week.  There will be 8 or 10 words from the pattern on the list as well.

You can practice your child's words by going to spellingcity.com .  The lists are located at Spelling City under Find List and then entering the name Nichole Caylor.

Date Spelling Strategy High Frequency Words Regular List
Week of Sept. 1 NA    
week of Sept. 8 short vowels a and i no, is, can, me, you, and, he sad, dig, jam, glad, list, win, flat, fix
week of Sept. 15 short vowels e, o, u at, a, so, on, in, up, am wet, job, hug, rest, spot, mud, left, help
week of Sept. 22 long vowels a and i we, like, see, I, go, it, do cake, mine, plate, size, ate, grape, wipe, line
week of Sept. 29 long vowels o and u an, the, my, to, all, are, as doze, nose, use, close, cute, woke, rode, role
week of Oct. 6 consonant blends ball, be, boy, by, come, day, did spin, clap, grade, swim, last, test, drag, glide
week of Oct. 13 consonant blends (end) eat, for, get, girl, got, had, has next, end, camp, stamp, drink, stand, long, bring
week of Oct. 20 ck words and double consonants her, him, his, how, if, jump, look dress, spell, class, neck, stuck, black, trick, doll
week of Oct. 27 NA review  
week of Nov. 3 consonant digraphs man, mom, not, now, of, or, out dish, than, chest, such, shine, white, these, while
week of Nov. 10 -ed and -ing endings to base words play, put, ran, read, run, sat, saw liked, using, riding, spilled, making, baked, standing, asked
week of Nov. 17 contractions say, she, sit, then, they, this, too don't, isn't, can't, we'll, I've, didn't, you're, wasn't
week of Dec. 1 adding -s or -es to base words    there, any, into, just, little, make, before hens, eggs, bikes, boxes, wishes, dresses, stamps, grapes
week of Dec. vowel digraphs ai/ay us, was, went, will, yes, than, about pay, wait, clay, train, tray, paint, away, plain
week of Dec. 15 ee, ea vowel digraphs back, after, I'm, been, big, came, away free, teach, teeth, please, beach, wheel, speak, sneeze
week of Jan. 5 long o (o, oa, ow) two, four, mother, where, very, could, were own, both, most, know, throw, coach, float, soap
week of Jan. 12 compound words over, ride, don't, said, that, one, with cannot, pancake, maybe, playground, someone, classroom, sunshine, myself
week of Jan. 20 base words and endings (suffix) five, their, what, but, here, going, our running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, cutting, sitting, missed
week of Feb. 2 y  as the long e sound something, bus, year, can't, tell, across, world happy, pretty, very, lucky, only, city, carry, funny
week of Feb. 9 words with -ar none dark, park, hard, farm, start, part, yard, spark
week of Feb. 16 words with -or and  -ore cat, take, dad, hide, almost, dog, anything story, morning, score, fork, short, born, forget, corn
week of Feb. 24 Words with -er, -ir, or -ur   under, paper, over, cover, father, water, verb, offer
week of March 3 homographs (2 different words that sound safe with different meanings) car, books, good, help, city, write, top meet, meat, be, bee, week, weak, too, two
week of March 9 suffixes room, under, fast, hill, know, use, let helpful, sadly, hopeful, thankful, slowly, kindly, useful, safely
week of March  16 none none none
week of March 24 prefixes place, sleep, love, much, stay, name, new retell, unhappy, repaint, refill, unpack, reread, replay, unlock
week of April 1 none    
week of April 8 words with -au, aw, al, or o paper, rain, door, fun, sky, both, time tall, saw, draw, yawn, small, walk, paw, soft
week of April 15 words with -oo, -ew, -ue and -ou   bloom, soup, crew, grew, you, blue, spoon, room
week of April 22 vowel diagraphs **REVIEW** stood, cook, shook, books, food, hood, wood, took
week of April 28 dipthongs **REVIEW** house, town, down, loud, flower, shout, cow, brown
week of May 4 words with long a or i **REVIEW** gain, shy, bright, always, braid, snail, fright, bay
week of May 11 vowel digraphs: oa, ow, ee, ea **REVIEW** owe, grown, crow, seen, means, clean, read, groan, bowls, keeps, seated, roast, green, snowball, speed